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About Us!

Once upon a time, well November of 1988, a glorious friendship began.  A Mother of two boys was handed the news of a girl on the way!  Thus, the BFF’s were always to be out-numbered.  Well, if you haven’t figured it out already, we are a Mother and Daughter designing and coordinating duo! Cara & Donna together make up the team of Bursby Events & Designs.  We have always been very close and enjoyed spending time together but now we get to work together too!!  We both love being crafty and will spend as much time as we can get away with doing just that.  The idea of doing a business together may have been lingering for several years, but the out-loud conversation really began when we planned and coordinated Cara’s wedding in April 2014.  Cara is a very creative creature and knew exactly what she wanted so, it was up to us to make sure it happened just the way she invisioned.  The decisions were very easy for both of us and when the day rolled around it was the perfect wedding.  It was an event for all ages and we had them all.  After it was all said and done, we decided we just did not want to stop planning. So we haven’t, now we just help plan other peoples weddings!  


Bursby Events & Designs is here for you.  We want to make your event or celebration one to remember.  We can coordinate, design & carry out your event from 5 to 300 guests.   We specialize in small to medium sized events.  Bursby can help from the very beginning. If you are not quite sure what direction you want to go, we can help.  Trust us with your ideas!  We can do anything from assisting with securing venue locations, planning, making/gathering decorations, coordination and set up of the event; packing away keep sake items and general clean up.  Bursby can also simply supply you with decorations if this is all you need.  Our job is to make sure you get the event you dreamed of!