Bursby Designs | Craft Fairs
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Bursby & Co.

Since we are pretty much constantly making new things, our houses are OVER FLOWING with crafted gold! Lucky for you, we can’t keep it all without ending up on the show hoarders! 😉 So, we clean out our storage by going to craft fairs and selling our decorations. We also team up with a few other crafty ladies that we know and love and they sell with us. If you are interested in coming to one of our Craft fairs here is what we have lined up:
Saturday, April 30th
9am – 5pm
Wise Country Fairgrounds
Saturday, May 14th
10am – 4pm
Waco Convention Center
You can also like us on FACEBOOK to keep up to date on all of our new craft fairs we add!
Here is a little taste of what we sell at these fairs as well: